The game of Blackjack is easy to learn as well as play. This is what makes the game popular.

At an online casino the game of Blackjack is played with one to eight decks of standard playing cards that are shuffled together. The cards have different values. All the face cards are counted as ten, while the Aces can be taken as one or eleven. The rest of the cards that is two to ten are taken at their face value.

Like most of the games all players involved must place their bets before any cards are dealt. The dealer then begins with the player on the left. Everyone is dealt two (the 2 cards are dealt one by one in a circle and not together) cards face up except for the dealer. He deals himself one card face up and one face down. The dealer then again begins with the player on his left. A player has to decide whether he wants another card or not. He must try to get the total value of his cards as close to 21 as possible or get 21, which is called Blackjack. If a player gets more than 21 that means he is busted and out of the game. However there are two important points to keep in mind. Even if your total value of cards is small, you win the game as long as you beat the value of the dealers’ cards. Although you may be playing in a multi player game each player plays the dealer in turn and his or her fortunes have nothing to do with you winning or losing.

In a game a player can make certain choices, which might make him win the game if he chooses smartly.

A stand is when a player does not want more cards and waits till the dealer plays his.
A hit is when a player wants another card.

Doubling Down is when a player doubles his bet and takes another card.
A split is when a player gets two same value cards. He has the option to split them and play two different hands. However this also means that he must place two separate bets.

A player also has the option to surrender, which means that he gives up his hand and loses only half the money in his bet.


There is a basic strategy that applies to all blackjack games

In the general games, these are the smart options

Stand on 17 or better

Hit on 12-16 when dealer shows 7 or higher
Always hit on 8 or less

Doubling Down

Always double down on 11
Double down on 10 when dealer shows 9 or lower
Double down on 9 when dealer shows 6 or lower

Soft Hands

Always stand on soft 19 and 20
Always double down on soft 13-18 when dealer shows 4,5, or 6


Always split aces and 8’s
Never split 10-face cards and never split 5’s
Always split 3’s and 2’s when the dealer shows 4,5,6, or 7