Translated from the French term gagnante marche, this money management system means hot or cold. Many online casino players will tell you that online gambling is all a matter of streaks.

Yes, there are times when it feels like the player throwing the dice at the table will go on and on without rolling a 7. There are also times when it feels like none of the players thrown the dice can make a point. If we could be in on a streak from the start, and bet the sucker all the way to the end it would all be just fine.

In fact, many players find that they are in on the down side of the streak by betting with the shooter when the table is cold and vice versa. Many times, the streak will be just about over before we are wise to it. Occasionally, players are lucky enough to switch (betting) sides fast enough to win back the money they already blew.

The premise of the hot and cold system is to make certain that the person betting will always catch these streaks from the very start. It works, too. The technique is to wager on the side that last won. See, at the roulette wheel, if red came up on the very last spin, bet red the very next spin – sooner or later a streak will come about. When it does, you will be there from the start.

Now, the down fall with this system is what happens while you are sitting idle – waiting for this streak to actually happen. When there is no streak the wheel, the cards, the dice, whichever, will have wins on both sides mixed in with each other. You will be caught in the mix, too. For one thing, in the end, you will not win any more cash than you would have won if you just guessed.